How to troubleshoot an integrated built-in webcam in Windows 10?

On August 5, 2020, Microsoft stopped its xCloud game streaming test for iOS devices. According to Microsoft, the future of xCloud on iOS remains unclear and potentially out of Microsoft’s hands. Apple has imposed a strict limit on “remote desktop clients” which means applications are only allowed to connect to a user-owned host device or gaming console owned by the user.

  • While webcam audio is functional, if you’re recording a podcast or audio file for a project, it can be worth investing in a dedicated microphone for a higher-quality experience.
  • Click the arrow beside ‘Cameras’ or ‘Imaging devices’ to expand the item.
  • Notes for older operating systems are provided.
  • But 1080p is plenty high for the average user — no video conferencing platforms allow streaming at anywhere near 4K in the first place .

There might be similar settings in other antivirus software as well. So, make sure you refer to the user guide to make the right changes so protection and security are not compromised. If you have other applications and software using the camera like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, you can close it for some time. However, there are chances of other applications interfering with the camera usage. You can end the task for such apps via Task Manager.

Download and Install the Logitech Logi Tune app

Microsoft’s quality and execution are still the benchmarks for detachable 2-in-1s. Similarly, tap the Bluetooth icon to enable it. Tap the Control Center icon in the top-right menu. VAT will be added at checkout for European Union customers only. But, if you need to take a lot of screenshots and want more flexibility and robust tools, Snagit is the best screen capture software. There are a lot of built-in programs and free tools to capture your screen.

Why would you want to set up virtual audio cables? Well, for some people this could be confusing and you do not have to do this. For some people, simply having a virtual webcam does enough and virtual audio connectivity is not necessary. If you would like to play music from OBS and have it come into Team that you would want virtual audio cables. If you would like to play video clips that include audio and a variety of other sources, then virtual audio cables are what you are looking for.


Antivirus software, incorrect drivers, and USB hardware issues can often make a Logitech webcam undetectable on your computer. Fortunately, there are a number of quick solutions for how to fix a webcam that doesn’t work properly. Logitech’s webcams have no dedicated on/off switch. This guide will walk you through the steps microphone checker for setting up a Logitech webcam to use with a computer. It also covers how to turn a Logitech webcam on to take a photo or video, stream online, or participate in a video group chat.

Once you’ve selected Automatic, click Apply and then click Start and then click OK. To open the device manager, go to Computer, right click and select Properties. Open the device manager and locate “Imaging devices”.

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