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Peter was an Azure MVP for five years, has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for over a decade, and is still actively involved in the community as a public speaker, technical writer, book author and publisher. Thanks to server-side rendering (SSR), the server generates the HTML code in response to a request from the browser/client. The big benefit with SSR is that performance will dramatically increase, as there’s no WebAssembly object to be downloaded when loading the app. While the component-based approach might feel different at first, once we get the hang of it, we see that a lot of code duplication from the past can now be moved into a reusable Blazor component. Think of buttons, banners, forms, tables,and so on — where the object remains but the data content changes.

  • It lays the grounds for the major aspects of .Net development.
  • The certification requires that you have at least two years of experience developing applications with the .NET framework.
  • It actually started as a personal side-project of Steven Sanderson, Principal Software Engineering Lead at Microsoft in 2017, which evolved into server-side Blazor mid 2019, and client-side (WebAssembly) in 2020.
  • Subsequently, the necessary objects are downloaded to the client, so the next time the page loads, it’s offered from Wasm.
  • The cost of taking the .NET Fundamentals exam varies depending on your location and whether you take it online or at a testing center.
  • For the .NET developer, Azure is often the natural habitat, where the intricate pieces of application, data, networking, and security seamlessly intertwine.

You will get a good understanding of the most important aspects of the C# language. You will learn the fundamentals of the C# language and .Net Core in this course. This course in C# and .Net does not require any prior knowledge of programming. It will guide you through every step you need to become productive in the C# language. The ambition with this course is to firmly ground all theory in code that you will write in the editor.

Blazor Server

Learn how to build a RESTful WCF Service in an ASP.NET web application and call its methods with JQuery… But, if you want to continue for the following five months, you will have to pay a fee. Throughout the curriculum, students will work with large data. You will learn to use a variety of tools and visual analytics.

azure cloud engineer

But still wants to take the first step at understanding what is different in ASP.Net Core. From there we would be building multiple projects to understand all concepts in .Net 6. Gradually it will deploy the final application on Azure as well as IIS. You can earn .Net certifications by passing an assessment or examination successfully after course completion.

Stories to Help You Grow as a Software Developer

Also, a certified .Net developer gets paid better than non-certified equivalents. This training is ideal for the ones interested in creating their projects from scratch. It is a new interpretation of the .Net framework that we can launch across the different OS. It enables the development of applications for various platforms. In conclusion, while having a .NET Developer Certificate may give you an advantage in some circumstances, it is not necessary for success as a software developer. The exams typically take between 2-4 hours to complete, depending on the individual’s knowledge level.

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